My Journey Away from Facebook

April 25, 2018


Welcome to my very first blog entry.  I have mentioned to some of you on social media and in person that I have been troubled by the impact of Facebook on society. Since the presidential race I became weary of how people conducted themselves, the fake news that spread like an apocalyptic virus, the rumors of Russia directly influencing the presidential outcome, and Cambridge Analytica's mishandling of millions of peoples private data. 


Alternatively I myself have benefited from Facebook.  There is a lot of good things too such as keeping in touch with old friends, viewing family pictures, instant updates on our newsfeed. I have been able to promote my music throughout the world.  


Unfortunately the issues mentioned above have soured my experience on social media.  We are so quick to share un-factual news stories and create meme's that attack the credibility of pubic figures.  There is no longer anything sacred on social media.  Somebody's mistake or bad choices spread like wildfire and they are condemned regardless if the facts remain unchecked.


Ultimately I truly hope we as a community can come together to help Facebook move in a direction that is more beneficial for society.  But lately it seems some actions are helping nobody else other than the Facebook's shareholders.  


As for me I have chosen to create my own site where I can have complete control of the content.  I hope that you will follow me in my musical journey.  The only requirement is for you to close your eyes, open your ears, and the let the music take you wherever you want to go.



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