Coming soon:  A new ambient music album called “Absolute Zero”

August 6, 2018

During the autumnal equinox, the temperature starts to drop as the twilight begins to surrender earlier each day north of the Arctic Circle.  In the brief days after the winter solstice as we pass the apogee of the yearly journey around the sun, darkness ascends in the Arctic North as it plunges into the long cold night . The distant sun retreats into the horizon.  Water hangs suspended in the blue-gray atmosphere, the Arctic enters a world of deep, silent spaces, muted by fog , snow, and vast ice fields. The sound of winter is low and slow.  The chilled air is heavy with water vapor, damping sounds and creating a hushed atmosphere of piercing quiet.  In the depths of winter, movement slows and time expands. Below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, flowing water becomes static crystals, locked and silent. At absolute zero, motion stops with brief signs of life from the hunter and the hunted. As the Sun struggles to reach the horizon it finally appears for the first light of the new season.  Click on the pic for a quick video preview of Absolute Zero.


(CREDIT:  Thank you Stephen Hill from Hearts of Space Radio Show for inspiration for this album description)

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