Being nominated and what it means to me

February 18, 2019


 First and foremost, I want to thank the secret panel of judges from One World Music Radio that nominated my album Absolute Zero as a finalist for the 2018 Best Ambient Album (See album here:  


I am humbled and honored to have been selected amongst hundreds of other artist's far better than I could ever be.  


Here is the nomination:


With that being said, my greatest joy is to receive positive feedback about my passion...My music! Making a living with it with would be nice too.  More on that later.


My website traffic shows people are visiting my website.  From the analytic data it also shows how long the visitors are listening.  In Bandcamp people sometimes will only listen to 50% of a song or worse only 25% of it.  Proof that we live in a world of self-entitlement society that eats up artist content at exponential speeds for instant temporary gratification.  I learned that if I accept this behavior then I become a happier artist. I have learned so much in the last 3 years.  My first year composing electronic ambient music was horrible.  I was too hurried and rushed to publish music.  But I learned quickly.  As I learned new techniques I started to publish more sophisticated music.


Sadly, I know now that I can’t make a fan out of a friend.  And to be honest, they are the worse people to try and get to even listen to my music.  I am grateful for the few friends that do want to see me succeed.  I thank you implicitly.  I do have a supportive family and they see my passion.


I recently posted this on Facebook:



 Most importantly I am eternally grateful to my Father God for breathing this passion of music into me.  To me God is the "Infinite musician, divine mathematician."  Thank you!


There was a time that I thought about keeping my music to myself and only sharing with my personal relationships and family.  I thought about leaving social media altogether.  (Go here to read about it:  My family argued against it and reminded me of the importance of social media for the independent artist.  So I decided to stay on for promotional purposes. 


Getting someone to listen to my music is a constant and major effort.  An artist friend of mine once told me "I use to really get bummed out that so few people would listen to my music. It seems unless you are a signed artist or professionally promoted, no one will even give you a listen. And unless you make a spectacle or ass of yourself publicly, choose a side and spread hate, or get down in the dirt with someone on a daily basis, social numbers are not likely to climb in the social media environment."


I have to push through the limitations and the lack of money to promote myself.  Social media is free but at times it comes with a personal price.  Getting "down in the dirt" is not worth it to me since I do value my brand.  My artist friend also told me "I found myself losing the joy of composing and had to stop dwelling on the size of the audience and start bonding through music with the audience I do have. Quality of connection over quantity."  This has been the best advise anybody in the music industry has ever given me.


So it would mean the world to me if I should win the OWMR 2018 Best Ambient Album.  Like all indie artists I want to be heard.  I want the world to hear my soul.  A supportive friend told me "You are destined for greatness!"  I know I can be.


I am at a fork in the road concerning my professional career.  I am leaving Verizon Business after 9 years in March 2019.  Being able to create music on a full time basis and sustaining my family at the same time is a dream of mine.  I have been an IT Professional for over 20 years.  I am sick of it.  I don't like it anymore.  Matter of fact I never liked it at all.  God has some very special plans for me.  I wait faithfully for those doors to open...whatever endeavour they lead me to I will gladly accept.


I have been very busy in my Studio87 Loft here in Austin, Texas.  I have three unreleased albums that are in the post production stages.  I will wait until the OWMR winners are announced to publish them.  Read about those upcoming releases here:


Until then lets forge ahead.  Let's love each other, agree to disagree, and respectfully debate each other.  


God Bless.



Austin, Texas


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