"Tunnel of Light" explores lost love, the loss of a loved one, and deep yearning love.

May 4, 2019


This project is now in the post production stages.  Look for this real soon!  


Track Listing:


Ghosted Theme
A cinematic theme I have been playing around with for a few years.  No matter how many times you call they just keep sending you to voicemail.  Eventually you just end up being deleted.

Her Beautiful Details
When she’s not around you start to recall the little things that eventually led to you falling in love with her.

Last Stop to the Off World Colonies


"A new life awaits you in the Off-World Colonies. The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure. Lets go to the Colonies!"


In the movie Blade Runner the colonies had been settled by 2018 and employed the use of slave labor by replicants. That year, a Nexus-6 replicant combat team staged an uprising, prompting the ban of replicants from Earth.  By 2019, humans on Earth were encouraged to emigrate to the colonies; this was promoted aggressively with advertising extolling the adventure and opportunities awaiting them if they left Earth, as well as promises of financial and personal incentives; for example, all colonists were promised a free replicant for their personal use.  

Replicant Love Songs

Even “skin jobs” fall in love at some point.  Their love is synthetic and is unconditional as long as there is no fatal system malfunction.

Love Died In a Field of Lavender
The memory is burned into your mind of where you stood as you learn that someone you love has passed on or has left you.

Slow Fade
Love does not die overnight.  It takes time and eventually it fades away.  The warning signs are there.  But do you see them?

Shores of Glass
When you don't know where you stand and it is tearing you apart.  You start to feel like you are tossed around like the waves of the ocean.

Tunnel of Light
I couldn’t be there when my parents passed away.  This song is what I imagine they heard and saw crossing over.  

Yearning Desire
Sometimes you desire someone so much that you yearn for them and it consumes your every thought..


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"Tunnel of Light" explores lost love, the loss of a loved one, and deep yearning love.

May 4, 2019

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