Arguably his most ambitious and boundary-pushing work

October 3, 2019


Check out this in depth review of my latest release.  Thank you Candice Michelle for your great review:



NoizeFilter is the recording alias of Austin, Texas-based musician Jose Reyes. Having released several prior albums, his latest full-length recording, Floating Consciousness, is arguably his most ambitious and boundary-pushing work thus far. Comprised of eight ambient-electronic compositions spanning just under an hour, Floating Consciousness takes the listener through a mysterious sound-world of seemingly astrophysical and technological environments, wherein one embarks on a fascinating exploration of both matter and consciousness.

“Cryogenic Dreams” opens the album with lushly warm expanses that eventually give way to undulating textures, before cleverly concluding with the haunting toll of a church bell. Often eliciting visual overtones throughout of cyberpunk impressions in a space age setting, the music herein feels simultaneously human yet robotic in a most appealing kind of way.

One of my favorite pieces on the album is the emotively melodic “Kepler’s Journey”, with its floating sequencers and vintage synthesizer elements conveying a sense of search and discovery. Likewise, “Fractal Patterns” is an utterly mesmerizing piece that paints captivating images of enthralling sci-fi strangeness. Characterized by fast-pulsating and spiraling figures, it seemingly imparts a feeling of being lost in space, perhaps while traveling through a time-portal to another dimension. Lastly, “Deep Water” feels enclosed and submerged like a submarine, as liquid swirls and a static-like rhythm guide us to our journey’s end.

Accompanied by beautifully abstract cover artwork that’s every bit intriguing as the music itself, Floating Consciousness seems to occupy a dream state that's equally foreboding as it is alluring. Easily Noizefilter’s most outstanding album to date, fans especially, of experimental yet accessible ambient and sci-fi music are highly encouraged to check it out! ~Candice Michelle


Artwork by Rocky Mountain Sounds (

Produced by Rocky Mountain Sounds








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