In Honor of Adam Coronado

It is with a heavy heart that I let you all know. Adam Coronado, a Loving Husband, Son, Father, Brother, Uncle, and Friend, has gone home to be with the Lord on Friday May 22nd. He was one that loved making Beautiful Music on his Piano, and singing and creating worship music. He loved and lived for his Family. Please keep his wife and kids in your prayers. They need them now more than ever. 

The Coronado Family

A Special Note from NoizeFilter....

I am deeply saddened. I am in disbelief and in denial.

Those that got the chance to know him, play along side of him, and break bread with him will forever be blessed. His music and legacy will live on in our hearts.

Sadly, Adam and I collaborated only on two songs.  The first one was an ambient song called "Ambient Road" from my first release called by the same name.  I had laid down some tracks that painted a winding road of ambience with long passages of epic building walls of sound.  It was missing something though.  I could not pin point it.  Then one day Adam and his Family paid a visit.  I played the song for him and he asked me if he could play along.    He did not know it but I recorded his first pass through.  Through an error on my part I lost the piano track.  I asked him to play it again and it was even better than the first.  I added some more texturing and thus Ambient Road was born.   I am thankful that Adam played on this song.  It helped me get noticed in the ambient music community.  I will be forever grateful to him.  Check it out here by clicking on the pic:












After Adam moved back to California he asked me to add some synth textures to a song he had composed years before.  The song is called "Essence of Life".  I just loved the song before I even added my touch to it.  I hope that you like this song.

Please click on the pic to be taken to Essence of Life.

Adam 3.jpg

In honor of Adam I want to give all proceeds from any paid downloads of Ambient Road and Essence of Life to Annette Coronado.  Please consider buying the songs.  This will help out the family in their time of need.


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